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News About Alienne

Congratulations to our cast!!


We are thrilled to announce the full cast for Alienne: The Musical Adventures of My Little Martian! Here's our talented team:


  Alienne .............. Jenna Dallacco*

  Cosmina ................. Maria Pedro

  Earthsula ........... Tauren Hagans

  Nebula ... Robert Charles Russell*

  Sprocket ............... Daniel Moser

  Tim ...................... Joe Chisholm*

  Quark ................. Gerardo Pelati


*Appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association



GREAT NEWS: We met our Kickstarter funding goal!

Our Kickstarter campaign has ended, and we surpassed our goal! Thank you to all the friends, family, and musical theater fans who are helping us bring Alienne to the Fringe!


We were thrilled and completely blown away by the outpouring of support. Now it's our job to return the favor by presenting the very best show we can!  Thanks, everyone!

Fantastic opening show!


Thanks to everyone in our wonderful audience! We all had a rollicking good time at our first peformance on Saturday, August 9th. People were singing and dancing along with the actors -- adults and kids alike all had a great time.


Thanks to the 14th Street Y, and to our Venue Director Katie Meade (plus Fringe staffers Izzy and Shay) for making us feel so welcome!


Alienne at Fort Fringe!


Members of the cast got together at Fringe CENTRAL (114 Norfolk Street, between Rivington and Delancey) on Sunday to sing songs and make our own antennae! We'll be back next Saturday at noon for more songs and projects!


The cast gets dramatic and crafty.

Farewell, FringeNYC!


Thank you to all of our wonderful audiences! We had a blast and we were thrilled to share the joy with all of you.


We hope to return to the galaxy very soon-- keep your eyes peeled for our next production, and we'll see you soon!



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