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Here are a few selections from the score to Alienne! 


1. "I Wanna Be A Human" - sung by Jenna Dallacco

Alienne lives on a planet full of stodgy, perfect, all-knowing Martians. She tells her friend, Cosmina, how much she'd prefer to be human-- even for just one day.

Songs From the Show!

I Wanna Be A Human - Jenna Dallacco
Earthsula the Space Witch - Kristin Dausch & Ensemble


3. "Catch the Moon" - sung by Jenna Dallacco, Joe Chisholm & Ensemble

After being transformed into a human, Alienne travels to Earth, where she meets Tim, an amateur astronomer and all-around nice guy. Tim and Alienne repair her damaged pod and go for a nighttime ride among the stars.

Catch the Moon - Jenna Dallacco, Joe Chisholm & Ensemble

2. "Earthsula The Space Witch" - sung by Kristin Dausch

Alienne goes to see the space witch, hoping to get her wish. Earthsula, backed up by some dancing space creatures, lets everybody know who's in charge.

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